1.) Membership

We would love for you to be a part of the Upper Room church family. No matter where you live across the globe, if you are led by the Holy Spirit to become a member of Upper Room Kingdom Church under the leadership of Apostle DoQuoi T. Green.

All you have to do is simply complete the membership form. We will then follow up with you and provide you with further information.

Please send an email to membership@doquoigreen.org for information on becoming a member of Upper Room Kingdom Church!

Membership Benefits

  • Free Newsletter
  • Member Network Access
  • Access to The Duke
  • Merchandise Discounts

2.) Mentor and Leadership Development

If you are a Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor, Teacher, leader in the marketplace, community, etc. but are not a member of Upper Room Kingdom Church; you can still be mentored and trained by Apostle DoQuoi Green.

Apostle Green can walk with you individually and collectively as a group as you prepare or continue to carry out your God given assignments in various leadership capacities.

3.) Partner With DoQuoi Green Ministries

When you partner with DoQuoi Green Ministries, you are helping us bring the Kingdom of God near and far. There is so much more that we can accomplish together because of your support. When you partner with us, you are literally helping us to be a steward over God’s vision entrusted to this ministry.

Partnership is a commitment to monthly financial support to DoQuoi Green Ministries.

How will I benefit from becoming a partner?

  • Invitation to exclusive partner meetings/gatherings
  • Preferential seating at DoQuoi Green ministries events
  • Discounts on DoQuoi Green Ministries products and events
  • Continued prayer from Apostle Green and his ministry team
  • Regular ministry updates from Apostle Green

Partnership is a commitment to monthly financial support to DoQuoi Green Ministries.

Monthly Gift Amount
    • $100
    • $75
    • $50
    • $25
    • Other Amount
One Time Gift Amount
  • $1,000
  • $500
  • Other Amount