Our Mission

This is a movement, lifestyle and brand. An interactive community rooted in biblical principles, birthed out of the desire to empower, equip and educate men and women while on their journey toward a healthy marriage; with various relationship tools to include: live events, seminars, social gatherings, conferences and the like.

Relationship and Life Coaching

The Duke offers individual consultation addressing various questions, challenges or concerns you may have in reference to your single life and relationships with the opposite sex, having healthy relationships in general with co-workers, friends, family, etc.

We also provide spiritual consultation from a Christian perspective dealing with life issues such as finding purpose, overcoming certain personal challenges with yourself, family, friends, coworkers, etc. as well as helping you maximize your potential.

Couples/Premarital Coaching
Premarital Coaching

The Duke offers consultation for those who are currently in a relationship, addressing any challenges or fears you may have or to assist in discussions about marriage. This will also help you learn more about each other and yourself.

We look at communication barriers, long term desires, and help you navigate through the highs, lows and fears in a relationship. You will also be assisted in helping you identify as well as work on areas of opportunity within your relationship individually and collectively.

Singles Ministry Start up Consulting

Whether you desire to start a singles ministry at your church, further develop one, or implement Single For 1 into your singles ministry, The Duke can provide the tools to help you achieve your goals.


    We understand that there are singles and couples that are at different stages in life. So, we offer workshops centered around various topics based on identified needs. These workshops are packed with solid information to assist on your journey.

    Speaking Engagement Requests

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